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The Great Mud Brick Mosque Of Djenne

2. December 2009


This mosque is the Sudano Sahelian architectural masterpiece and largest mud structure in the world. Djenne is known to be the oldest city sub Saharan Africa, founded by merchants around AD. The mosque apart from greatest landmark in Africa it is the centre of community of Djenne. Build from local materials like mud and palm tree sticks, expresses its elegant connection to local environment. During middle ages it was one of the most important Islamic study centers in Africa, thousands of students came to study Quran in Djenne’s madrassas. Built in 1907 and designated as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988 the first mosque at this place was built in 13th century. Location Situated on the floodland of Niger and Bani river, 354km southwest of Timbuktu. Down the pages Tarikh al-sudan is the  [...]

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