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Casablanca vacation : Amazing Experiance

Thu, Nov 18, 2010

Northern Africa

Casablanca has a lot to do and loads to see. You would be quite amazed when you actually do come here. the vistas and scenarios here are out of this world and you would not only get to experience the uniqueness and individuality that makes Casablanca what it is today , but you will also get to experience the warmth and hospitality of  what seems to be  one of the coolest places to be in all of morocco .  this place has a lot of mystery and wonder to it. in fact there is so much mystery and wonder that this place is sought for and acclaimed all over the world. so when you travel to this region and have some awesome Casablanca vacation . You also get to see incredible Arabic architecture and sights that make this place quite happenings.

When you look at the awesome Arabic architecture , you will see this and get to witness it at the mosque of hassan the second. Here you could easily spend an entire day when you visit the museum. Also there are steam baths and such which makes this place impossible to miss. The Museums here has its own library and minarets. This place is open at all the non Muslim visitors who are on guided tours while you are having some awesome Casablanca vacation . When you actually do walk through the glass floors , you would be able to gaze win what look like intricately carved ceilings and lines that make this whole place look quite wonderful.

There is lots of shopping and old French literature which makes this place quite extra ordinary looking. If god were to look down on earth, he would definitely notice this place. You should actually take a stroll down the Casablanca area and then make sure this is not something that you get to miss, at least during the day times.

If you are looking for a place to stay then there are many places here that would make for an awesome place to stay at and have some more fun than you should be having on your Casablanca vacation . The famous le Royal Meridian which is located in Casablanca is about half a mile away from the old medina.  This style is called the old European world. With this you can live in huge gust rooms.  There are lots of places where the hotels give you high scale and hi tech amenities which just goes to show that you can have a world class stay here at this hotel.

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