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The Cape Town Delicacy Delight

Fri, Oct 1, 2010

Southern Africa

Africa is a place that fills one’s mind with a myriad range of sights, sounds, and smells. Think about it. If you were to close your eyes and think about Africa, the first thing that would come to your head would be images of waste open lands, with animals, all around, communicating with each other and the smell of the earthy ground. Then again, Africa is not only about grasslands where animals graze and go about doing their everyday things. Africa is filled with a large amount of tropical rain forests, green throughout the year, and it has the Sahara Desert, that seems to never end, and yet is a way of life for many. All along Africa too, one comes across a large number of different tribes of people, indigenous to the own lands and locations. Each of these peoples have their own sets of customs and traditions, rules and laws. One of the most amazing thing about the people from Africa, is the fact that each of these people have their own sense of delicacy and each of them have fairly distinguishable senses of taste.

Amongst the best places to try out the African delicacies is the country of South Africa, and here one must try the different delicacies at Cape Town. Not only does one get the most delectable of African delicacies over here, but also sees the influence of both Eastern and Western food on the locale palate. African food that one can eat over here in Cape Town is truly, in the truest sense of the world, global food.  Some of the local delicacies over here include the masterful recipes concocted by African chefs which have crocodile mat, ostrich meat, and springbok meat as their main ingredients.  Besides, Where else on the planet would you get to sample these lovely dishes.

Here are some of the dishes that you must be sure to check out when you go on a trip to Cape Town, South Africa.

Succulent Seafood

If you are the kind of person who loves seafood, and also take adequate care of your health and well-being, you must be sure to try out the seafood options that Cape Town offers. The seafood range here is wide and diverse and ranges from abalones to lobsters, from prawns to many different kinds of shellfish. There also a great variety of fish that one can try over here. People who eat the seafood preparations in Cape Town often swear that it is the best seafood in the world.

Karroo Lamb

The Karroo Lamb is a special lamb in Cape Town, which is fed on a diet of shrubs and herbs exclusively, which gives its meat a very different flavor and aroma. Karroo Lamb preparations can be undertaken in a number of ways. One can pan-fry or even stir-fry the meat. Then again, for those looking for an all out feast, one can either cook it in a stew or even deep-fry it.

Chocolicious Chocolates

Perhaps no other phrase can better explain the chocolates in South Africa than the term “chocolicious”. South Africa is known to be an exporter of many hundreds of tons of chocolate bars around the world every year. The flavors of the chocolate bars and other chocolate items that come out of South Africa are so varied and lovely, that it would be a loss to not try these beauties in one’s lifetime. South African chocolates can be found all around in the malls, and even the smallest of shops. Indeed so deep is the love for chocolates in this country for their chocolate that it is considered one of the best gifts to give to people, whatever the occasion may, or may not be.

Corn and Corn Congee

Amongst the most important of elements in an African’s diet is the presence of corn. Corn is had in a variety of ways all over Africa. One way that the South Africans love to eat their corn is by baking it, then grinding it down to a fine powder, and then, along with water and the other ingredients, making a corn congee out of it. Corn congee is eaten in South Africa, like almost all over the rest of the world, as a breakfast dish. With corn congee as the main dish, the sides are made of yoghurt, sugar, or even meat that has been drenched in tomato sauce and the juice obtained from onions. However, there is no hard and fast rule that this dish can be had only as one fro breakfast, and can also be consumed as a full meal.

Fried Chicken from Nando’s

If you want to get an idea of what a healthy fried chicken would be like, head to Nando’s. Indeed so famous is the chicken dish over here, with all its African influence that it is now seen in a number of franchisee stores not only in South Africa, but also in nations like New Zealand, Australia, and Portugal amongst many others. In the many eateries that you go to, this fried chicken delicacy is the best example of the health-conscious diet that most South Africans follow. The seasoning that is used for this dish is a heady mix of garlic, pepper, fresh lemon juice, herb and chili. This seasoning is what makes an otherwise bland chicken into a thoroughly spicy eating delight.

All in all, eating in Cape town, South Africa is an experience to remember, with food items that are not native to Africa itself, but is also available here.

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