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  • Blue Marine Safari in Mauritius

    Mon, May 24, 2010


    Mauritius has been a favorite tourist destination for numerous overseas visitor, for many years. Blue Marine Safari is one of the prime tourist attractions in this magnificent island country. It is mainly an exclusive submarine which endows international tourists and the locals, with the submerged tour of huge Indian Ocean. This entire experience is worth giving a try, and I am sure that you will cherish memories of this safari throughout your life. The Blue Safari in Mauritius is operational at a depth of around 35 m under azure waters of Indian Ocean. The submarines are normally air-conditioned and quite comfortable. It provides excellent view of the marine life and gives an oppurtunity to discover the submerged underwater natural beauty. Blue Marine Safari tour is well designed, and has taken into consideration the requirement of the visitors while traveling on the board.

    The Blue Marine Safari in Mauritius is a unique adventure, which each and every one can experience. This safari has no particular age bar, so be ready to hit the Indian Ocean with your whole family. The surface vessel which is used for the entire safari is locally known as “Betty of the Mascareignes”. The communication between the board and the submarine is done through the ultrasound phones that are available on board. The total time required to complete this underwater journey is approximately 40 mins. During this underwater tour, you would be surely fascinated by watching the mind-blowing multicolored marine life. It is a soothing experience to each and everyone in the submarine. Not only the colorful marine life, but also the exotic coral reefs, makes your Blue Marine Safari an unforgettable experience.

    The pilots of the submarines are well-trained in marine biology, and are especially hired for the Blue Marine Safari, as to provide a safe and sound tour to all its tourists. As you go deep into the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, the transformation of the sun-light will surely make you feel mesmerized. At a depth of 20 m the reddish color of the reef turns into brown color. Later, when your ship will reach at a depth of 30 meters you will notice that the brown color changes to violet. After crossing the depth of 30 m, you will notice that the colors of sea-water changes from green to blue, which is the color of water. This entire underwater journey offers astonishing views of exotic natural creation.

    You can book tour of the Blue Safari in Mauritius on the spot; however it is recommended that the tickets should be booked well-in advance. The timings of the tour in winters in from morning 8 – 30 a.m. to afternoon 3 - 30 p.m. and in summers it is from morning 8 – 30 a.m. to evening 4 - 30 p.m.

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