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  • Black River Gorge National Park, Mauritius

    Mon, May 17, 2010


    Mauritius is well-known all over the world for its natural exquisiteness. The tropical weather conditions ensure that this island country has a huge forest cover, fruit orchards as well as palm groves. The Black River Gorges locale of Mauritius is renowned as a paradise for the bird watchers, with numerous species of the birds, which inhabited the highlands of this national park.

    The region of Black River Gorges was confirmed as a national park in the year 1994. In addition, it is as renowned for the waterfalls, vapor covered slopes of the hill as well as clear pools, and also for its wildlife. Furthermore, the Black River Gorges National Park is located on a plateau, which is a little higher than the neighboring plains; as a result the temperature is lower at the Black River Gorges than at the plains. In addition the Alexandra waterfalls offer beautiful surroundings to the flourishing hillocks within the Black River Gorges National Park. As of the National Park, a tourist can have an impressive sight of the southernmost shorelines of Mauritius. Also, a trek all through the Park is refreshing, since you pass from first to last of the trails, which are lined with the Chinese guava trees as well as pass all through the fields of the wild sugarcanes.

    The wildlife at this park consists of the macaque monkeys, who have lost the entire fear of the humans in the course of a long phase of contact with them. They will tranquilly pose for getting clicked as well as beg at them for food, despite the fact that it is not desirable to feed the macaque monkeys.

    The Plaine Champagne is regarded as the highest point within this Park, as well as, while you take a look downwards into the huge valley below; it is sure that you will be getting a taste of what ecstasy might look similar to. Numerous tourists, who have been looking at the panoramic sight from this plain, have surely experienced a sense of admiration as they took a look downwards into the Gorge beneath.

    When you are at the ending of your trek, you can eat the dinner at the little café, which is located at the edge of this park, moreover this place is a favorite place amongst the nature lovers and honeymooners in the similar way. This café overlooks the neighboring valley as well as you can enjoy a nice meal whilst staring out at the green outlooks, which gave a look of God opening up for your meditation.

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