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Beautiful Tales from Namib Desert

Wed, Mar 12, 2014

Southern Africa

Enjoy your travels to Namibia, which is a fascinating place in Southern Africa. A mix of indigenous culture and ancient tours this is a land not to be missed in tours. Namib means a land of Nama origin. The semi arid conditions and the dry nature are considered the oldest in the world and the desert is one of the oldest in the entire world. Namib Desert has less than around 10 mm of rainfall and is a barren land. There are sand dunes here, which are around 300 matters high and are counted among the tallest ones in the whole world.

The temperatures here vary and they are very high during summer. Enjoy the sights of wild animals and get closer to the Atlantic Ocean in the bushveld. The national parks and game reserves form the major tours here and they are good for getting the best views of wildlife here in Africa. Many people in Namibia are black Africans and one can see many Germans living here as they have a history since the past. Ovambo is the biggest tribe and more than half of Namibia belongs to this tribe. English is the official language here and many are found speaking Afrikaans or German. There are many African languages such as Oshiwambo which are spoken.

Food in Namibia is available with the fish and the seafood dominating the tastes of the locals as well as the tourists. There are farms in the countryside, which give good supply of ostriches, beef, and lamb.

With amazing games like springbok and kudu dominating the sights, Namibia is a beautiful place to visit in Africa. Visiting the innumerable places and destination here add to the beauty and the delights of occupying the amazing sights make up the mainstay of tours.

Enjoy your visits to Namibia and take back with you wonderful memories of a fascinating destination.

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