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Mauritius – The Thing Next to Paradise

Thu, Aug 19, 2010

Eastern Africa

The World is a book, and if you do not travel, you only read a page - St. Augustine had rightly said. Well, not the whole of the book, but only a beautiful page, that’s what we are going to look at. If heaven was to be redesigned, it needed a map of Mauritius. Such beautiful beaches, calm waters, environment so peaceful, and fun-loving atmosphere all around – isn’t it just the best for a holiday?

All the beaches in Mauritius are just marvelous, covered with palm trees, aqua colored waters, and a bay like curve. We have three of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius to show you here.

Paradis Beach

The name itself can narrate the story of the beach. This is the first beach that is counted in one of the most beautiful ones in Mauritius. Paradis beach is a small but very beautifully crafted by nature. The palm trees, white sand, calm blue waters, the castaway style – everything here is paradise-like. So why not the name? The coral based sand is a soft gift of nature – so bright and clean, appearing as if just combed. The lawn of the beach, fringing with coconut palms, have been manicured artistically. A golf course is also installed which adds to the overall beauty of the small Paradise.

Mont Choisy Beach

This is also one of the damsel beaches in Mauritius. It’s one of the longest beaches with a slow arching bay, its gentle arch shallowly blending with the water. This appears as if a bay with a great aqua-turquoise scoop has been created along the coast of Mauritius. There is fine white sand whose edges are marked by Casuarinas. A row of umbrellas is set to shade the visitors from the bright sun, during summers. The beach shows a monument, which commemorates the first flight between Mauritius and Reunion Islands, at one end of the bay. A reef off shores a at distance from there, which is a great playground for local snokellers. This beach is popular, and populated on weekends, because of its easy access.

Trou aux Biches Beach

This beach is as prettier as the other beaches in Mauritius, but simultaneously it is more active too. This doesn’t mean more of water sports, but has all to do with the Mauritius Aquarium, right near the beach. The name of this beach is a bit ambiguous, though its English translation means Deer Watering Hole (its quite confusing where did the deer come from!). The fine, white, silky sand, un-monotonously, repeats itself, as the clean, clear, aqua-blue waters do. The weather conditions are reliable and assure you good time in the warm sun. It is a good time for some artistic kids too, as they can find themselves collecting, playing and making sandcastles with bigger pieces of coral by the waterline sand.

Beautiful beaches, calm atmosphere, sweet and hospital people, fun all around – one word for Mauritius – Nature-perfect!

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