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Alexandria, Egypt - A Travel Guide

Fri, Aug 12, 2011

Northern Africa

Cynics say that Alexandria simply is past its prime, a one time beauty that “needs a lick of paint badly”. However, the allure of Alexandria was misunderstood by many people in the past, and will be in the future. The legendary past of the city is very much even now evident in the city.

The city was for the entire world the center for culture and intellectuals in the ancient times, and you can spot glimpses of the city’s glory even in midst of modernization. This is what makes the city of Alexandria, the greatest of the numerous cities named after Alexander the Great, not only special, but also unforgettable.

Alexandria has a huge number of attractions related to culture and history. The city’s numerous historical monuments that stand in testimony to the remarkable history of the city. The Citadel of Qaitbay is a mighty fortress that was built to guard against invaders from the sea. The structure offers some superb views of the sea.

Also make sure you visit the Museum of Fine Arts. There I a huge collection of art here. there are some magnificent exhibits of jewelry at the Royal Jewelry Museum. Of course, since you are in Egypt, you can also take a river cruise on the River Nile. You will see Egypt at a different level altogether during a cruise. In fact, you simply feel that you are floating through time, with the modern buildings giving way to ancient ruins and villages.

Make sure you enjoy the variety of beaches here. Make sure that women using the public beaches wear a jellabiya, a sarong or a cover up of some sort, since the local traditions require it.

In my opinion, if you haven’t eaten at Alexandria, there is no point in making the trip. The local cuisines are simply tongue tingling, start with falafels and fuuls, Kusharis or some brilliant sea food. All the food is priced extremely reasonably.

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