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African delights in Ganvie

Mon, Mar 3, 2014

Western Africa

Come to this unique African village and take back with you wonderful travel delights n beautiful Western Africa. This is a great destination to be in and with the Lake Nokoue forming ideal visual delights one would just get enchanted by the Tofinu people inhabiting here. It is believed that these people have been living here since 400 years and they tried to escape the slavers who come here from the Fon tribe. The Tofinu were thus safe to have their homes on the banks of the lake. Ganvie is called the Venice of Africa and could give you greatest travel delights.

Ganvie is worth a visit just to enjoy the spirit of being in a unique destination. With the restaurants, shops and boat hotels forming a mainstay of tours here, Ganvie provides you with ideal travel and tour delights in this part of the world. It is a beautiful village in the middle of a lagoon. Plan a trip in the morningĀ  and enjoy the ambience around, as it gets very hot during the day.

Tourism is a main form of income here as well as fishing. Fisherman breed fish here and trap fish with the help of underwater fences, which are made out of nets and bamboos. Delicious fish and rice are a delicacy here. People love coming here and experience the pleasures of buying trinkets here.

Get the best river pleasures here and take trips on the boats across the lagoon and visit this land in absolute fascinating ambience. Motorized boats help you to enjoy this entire region with great pleasure and excitement. Hotels and other accommodations help you to enjoy the stay with more comfort. There is a certain charm about this place and one gets truly African delights here with absolute fascination. One gets enthralled in the tranquil surroundings and takes back a cherishable travel kitty.

Experience the lovely pleasures of being in Ganvie an African paradise.

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