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Africa Travel: An Exotic Destination

Wed, Jan 12, 2011

Middle Africa

There are numerous tourist attractions in Africa that one can plan to travel. Africa travel can be one of the most exciting experiences of one’s life that he can always cherish. Africa abounds in wild-life, game reserves, sanctuaries, natural landscapes, and luxurious accommodations. The cultural and ethnic life of Africa is also worth-watching. Once one comes to this continent, he is surely going to be spell-bound by the charm of this exotic continent.

A traveler coming to watch the natural beauty is surely going to fall in love with Victoria Falls located in Zimbabwe. This place is a paradise in itself. The incredible amount of clear water falling into Zambezi Gorge makes the site worth dying for. Watching the thundering sound of falling water columns can be an amazing experience.

For enthusiasts of history, no place in the world is better than pyramids of Giza. These are the largest pyramids; their colossal structures and fine architecture has attracted million of tourists from all over the world. The pyramids of Khufu and Khafre are majestic in built. Their beauty and grandeur are unparallel. A trip to these pyramids can make Africa travel a lasting experience.

Africa travel remains complete without a visit to splendid Cape-Town. Blessed with natural beauty, it is a must-visit tourist attraction. Major destinations that can be welcoming to a traveler are Table Mountain, Camps Bay, and V&A Waterfront . Table Mountain is famous for its hiking facilities. The topmost point of this mountain lies at a height of 1086m. One can have a majestic view of the entire city from this peak. V&A Waterfront is the biggest tourist attraction of Cape Town. It provides excellent dining and shopping facilities along with water adventures.

Africa safaris are well-famous and can help one explore the diverse wild-life of this continent. Safaris to Kruger National Park take one to the picturesque landscapes housing vivid flora and fauna. To know more about the cultural diversity of Africa, Masai Mara is a perfect destination. If one has a taste for nomadic life, safaris to Namib and Kalahari helps on know more about the unique flora and fauna of desert ecosystem. At Makagadikgadi, one can watch migration of wildebeest and zebras.

Ethiopia is a land of multiple-cultures and tribes. Most of the tribal live near Omo River located in Southwest Ethiopia. These tribes have kept their customs and traditions alive till today. Although not easily accessible, a trip here can be quite informative about African culture. Another destination that is among the favorite places of Africa travel is Mount Kilimanjaro. Standing at a height of 5896m, it is the highest mountain of the world. Hiking to the peak is very adventurous and thrilling.

Zanzibar in Tanzania is among the top destinations of Africa. It is adorned with palm beaches and crystal clear water of Indian Ocean. The spice plantations are a must-visit site of Zanzibar. Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is a famous trading center of Africa that has markets, a Palace Museum and residential places of the Sultan.

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