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Adventures of Mount Kenya Safari tours

Fri, Oct 26, 2012

Eastern Africa

Visit the land of Africa and enjoy the Mount Kenya Safari tours here in the high slopes of one of the most magnificent African mountains. Enjoy the sight of the luxurious cottages and the most elegant buildings here and feel the beauty of ponds and lawns here. This is a club that was found in the year 1959 by William Holden the late film star.

Today it is a Mecca for all those international travellers who come to this pat of the world. Enjoy the pleasures of the thrilling escapades in this club. Around three and a half hours from the city of Nairobi this is a beautiful travel destination in tours to Africa. With a vibrant history this is a place that is very exciting to experience and the Club gives the best kinds of comforts to all those who visit it.

This has around 114 bedrooms and 2 villas and around 8 garden suites alongwith some studio suites and club rooms. The Sweetwaters Game Reserve is a major attraction here and is filled with the best kind of wildlife sights and sightseeing activities. Bird walks, game viewing and other such activities occupy tours to this beautiful paradise for wildlife enthusiasts.

The Bird Walks here totally come alive with a great variety and all the guests and visitors who come here take you around the two hour bird walks that are conducted alongwith the best guides. The bird population here is great and provides an ideal travel experience.

Bird walks
Then there is the croquet filed that has around six hoops and has balls and mallets freely available.

Enjoy the pleasures of horse riding here and experience the delights of the 7 thoroughbreds and enjoy the excitement and adventure here in this beautiful land of pleasures.

Also experience trout fishing in Lake Karen that is located near the fourth golf green which has more than 2000 touts. Fishing equipment is available here for hire and it is a rule that children below 12 years should be accompanied by an adult.

There are many itineraries and journeys which are had here and the four day itinerary is one that is very interesting and convenient. On the first day you would taken to the Wilson Airport from where you would go to Nanyuki. Here you would be taken to the hotel and would relax.

The second day would be spent on golfing, fishing, nature walks and horseback riding. Come here and visit the orphanage and enjoy totally different pleasures. Also experience the luxury of being in the heated pool Eastern Africa.

Heated pool
On the third day go to Sweetwaters which is a private game ranch and also experience the pleasures of the rhino sanctuary. Visitors enjoy game viewing here and also come back with thrilling tales.

The last day would again take you back to the Nanyuki airstrip and you would come back with a cherishable Mount Kenya Safari experience.

Visit Africa and go on a Mount Kenya Safari experience and come back with tales to recall.

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