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A Journey Outbreak To Sousse

Thu, Dec 10, 2009


Experts say,   the planet is full of beautiful places that not only give us the pleasure of journey but also allow us to believe the existence of History and its greatness. Whether countries or island or a small part of land, every place has it own approach of attraction. The names will be countless but the gorgeousness can be remembered for life if one visits any of theses attractive places. The city of ‘Sousse’ is amongst them that have great historical inheritance and natural exquisiteness.

A preface to Sousse

If anyone is searching a better place to visit in Africa to spend an exclusive break from the day-to-day buzz word can think of ‘Sousse’ which is the third-largest city in Tunisia after Tunis and Sfax, and an exclusive place for trip in Africa and Tunisia. It is the capital of Tunisian Sahel, which comes at the south end of the Gulf of Hammammet and is surrounded by far-reaching orchards of olive. These orchards have covered more than two hundreds and fifty thousand hectares of territory. The whole territory donates a huge number of economic supports to Sousse and the other parts of the country. The city is located on soothingly sloping hill and is covered with walls. It portrays many examples of the architecture of Arab and also has an Archewological Museum as a centre of attraction. Sousse that is meant as the fascinating holiday resort town is located in the east coast of Tunisia, which will take two hours constrain from south of the capital , Tunis. Since the 9th century the Phoenicians, Byzantines, Arabs, and Romans discovered the special attractions of this fertile land that was recognized as the ‘pearl of the Sahel’ in the ancient times. Summer   season from June to September is the elevated flavor for tourism in Sousse town.

Attractions for travelers

Sousse has been identified as an ideal city for those tourists who are self-governing and want to have a taste of an extra-ordinary and also eye-catching tourist attractions. The places like the beautiful sandy beaches and the destinations that are easy to reach like Kairouan, Monastir, Mahdia and El Djem, make the city popular amongst many travelers. People or the travelers will find numerous   attractions among the working ports that is located in the centre of the like the Medina, which has an excellent Historical background and eye-catching ramparts covering it. The historic Medina is a UNESCO World Heritage location and also called the ‘hear’ of the city that provides so many fascinations. The ‘Great Mosque’ has another centre of attraction, it has many semicircle shaped in the form of horseshoes that is covered with regal courtyard which was constructed by Afhlabid Emir Abou El Abbes Mohammed. The Tower named as ‘Khalel Al Fata’which is actually a light house of 859 AD catches the attractions of all the travelers and the eight century fortress which is named as ‘Ribat’ was used to fight with overseas enemies. In addition, Hergla, House of tragic poet, Kalaout el Koubba, Kasbah, la Sofra, South Quarter, Place farhat Hached , Zaouia Zakkar , Takrouna are some of the attractive places of this town. Sunday market is actually a camel market that takes place on Sundays. The Monastir and Port El Kantaoui has become a most important attraction for the vacationers. The existences of an array of seashores that are covered with various hotels in addition to luxury enterprise and high-tech guesthouses make the place more noticeable. Port El Kantaoui is located towards the north of the town. This was opened in the year 1979. The expansion process has been added with the creation of new Skanès-Monastir airport and the institution of a hotel school. The people will surely like the working port in the center of the city with   Medina that has historical prosperity   is covered with some port ramparts that are surrounded with the beaches, tourists, and locales combine together and enjoy the locals around.

Nowadays, this town has been found as the get-way destination for the tourists. A large number of modern resort hotels along with the beachfront have their special charms in the city. The city also offers many package-tour   to its guests with affordable prices. The carpets and the leatherwear are most favorable shopping that the travelers usually do. There are also shops for those tourists who enjoy bargains. The visitors should do the shopping in the modern shopping malls, where they can find every thing from all over North Africa. The visitors to Sousse have tremendous choices if they think of dining out. A variety of options are available whereas the pizza or tapas or French cuisine but mostly people choose the local staple dish, Couscous (steamed semolina grains), that have a variety of combinations. The better restaurants are located inside the luxury hotels and the rest are reachable by walking wherever the tourists are staying. The tourists are also offered many of the fun-making activities but most of them are related to beaches like for example fishing, scuba diving, windsurfing and water-skiing. The people, who are keen to explore the Tunisian Coastlines, can make an array of departures. There are also many clubs and bars.

Staying for travelers

The tourists can even book hotels or can also place the last minute order for the hotels. Currently, the town has 35 hotels in the row. These hotels are of different types and are mostly located near to the beaches. Hotels like the CaribbeanVillage Riviera, El Mouradi Palace Hotel, Abou Nawas Boujaafar Hotel, Abou Nawas Nejma Hotel. Caribbean Village Riviera.Coralia Club Sousse Palm Beach Hotel, Marhaba Beach Hotel, Marhaba Club, Marhaba Imperial, Marhaba Palace Hotel, Marhaba Royal Salem Hotel, Sol Club Selima, Sousse Palace Hotel are some of the hotels that are near   to seaside and the tourists can get a room as per his / her convenience.

How to travel

If the travelers are planning to travel by plane ‘Monastir’ is the most convenient airport that is located to the south of this coast and takes 20 mints to reach, it is   very often used by holiday charter flights. Nevertheless, Tunis can be caught by an array of trains and shared taxis. The town Sousse is on the key contour from Tunis in the north, and is down to Sfax and Monastir to the south and the fares from Tunis to Sousse are 12/10/6 dinars in Grand/1st/2nd class. If a traveler is planning to travel by car, can take a route of Highway A1, which connects Sousse with Tunis. There are toll charges for using the highway. There are also buses (car) that connect the city with almost every other part. In addition to that there is also a louage (shared-taxi) service that covers the complete country map. In some space towards the west of the Medina at the Souk E1 Ahad or the camel market the far bus station (Gare Routiere) is located. This is also the city bus station. The prices are little lower than the second class tickets. There are also the express boats which connects Sousse with Tripani but that is only in the summer months and once a week. It also connects the town with Mazara del Vallo through Pantelleria 3 times a week. There are   also taxis but at times they become inconvenient for the travelers for their fares that are not fixed. A passenger should fix the rates while taking the taxi. There are also shared taxis, they are large cars or minibuses, and usually start their journey when they are full.    The shared taxis for same place destinations or some neighboring city are yellow with a blue strip on the middle. There are also white taxis with red, black, blue and yellow stripes for various destinations in Sousse area like Akouda, Hammam-Sousse, Kantaoui, Chott Mariem. Well , every destinations have their positive and negative affects , thus the travelers should always be careful from the thieves, However, the government of this pleasant destination has adopted all safety majors to give the tourists all comforts.

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