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Archive | September, 2013

The Maasai A Fascinating African tribe

13. September 2013


The Maasai A Fascinating African tribe
The Maasai live in the Rift Valley in Africa in the regions of Tanzania and Kenya. They have herds of cattle, goats, and sheep and follow each other seasonally. They graze here and look out for newer sources of water. The Maasai tribe has been very independent and likes to live off the blood of cattle. They also take meat and milk from the very cattle, which gave them milk earlier. There are many intriguing Maasai traditions. They have a mixed diet and usually are found in the desert type of land. They live a very sedentary pattern of life and some of them have been successful in buying cultivated food as well as growing them. The Maasai men are mainly warriors and are mostly six feet tall with beaded hair and wear a shuka, which is a red checked blanket. Maasai boys have a circumcision ceremony  [...]

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