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Archive | February, 2010

Mozambique – The Scuba Diving Destination

1. February 2010


The Republic of Mozambique is situated on east coast of the African continent.  The country has vast pristine palm-fringed beaches along with largely untouched dive sites. The best part of Mozambique is one can experience the best of Africa in terms of abundant marine life without the crowds as seen in some popular dive sites worldwide. Mozambique has been largely influenced by the Portuguese culture. You will find friendly locals here and there is a lot to discover in this country.  The waters of the country are largely unexplored.  The waters are home to the migrating whale sharks and humpback whales.  Also, there are many locations where diving with manta rays is gaining popularity and its reefs are beaming with life.  You can get up close and personal with marine creatures and it  [...]

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