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Archive | January, 2010

Passion And Obsession Of Honeymoon Stay In Mozambique

1. January 2010

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Honeymoon is once in a lifetime when there is only love, more love and so much of love filled in trip. The honeymoon is such an idealistic and quixotic time that hubbies and wives spend together, embarking on journey of exploration of their relationship. The honeymoon trips fills up all the photos displays in home, in memoirs, albums and memories that are cherished life long. Honeymoon trips is not some adventure trip or expedition, its time when you make more love then eat and drink. The passion, obsession and zealous love making in bed, on the floor, the bath tub and I can add on more outlandish and erotic places which send the inspirations down! A lovers retreat, epitome of honeymoon, inspirational environment, stunning views, astonishing surroundings, remarkable heritage, staggering hospitability  [...]

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