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Trekking and Holiday Experiences in Morocco
Morocco is a wonderful destination to be in with beautiful trails and wild mountains, alongwith fascinating people and innumerable summits, which go up to 4000 metres high. These mountains are called the High Atlas are provide you with the lower elevation trek delights which make up the travel excitement here. There are English speaking guides here who help you to cook your meals and also help to carry the mules so that you can enjoy travelling. Explore the ancient villages here and the hidden  [...]

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Beautiful Tales from Namib Desert
Enjoy your travels to Namibia, which is a fascinating place in Southern Africa. A mix of indigenous culture and ancient tours this is a land not to be missed in tours. Namib means a land of Nama origin. The semi arid conditions and the dry nature are considered the oldest in the world and the desert is one of the oldest in the entire world. Namib Desert has less than around 10 mm of rainfall and is a barren land. There are sand dunes here, which are around 300 matters high and are counted among the  [...]

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African delights in Ganvie
Come to this unique African village and take back with you wonderful travel delights n beautiful Western Africa. This is a great destination to be in and with the Lake Nokoue forming ideal visual delights one would just get enchanted by the Tofinu people inhabiting here. It is believed that these people have been living here since 400 years and they tried to escape the slavers who come here from the Fon tribe. The Tofinu were thus safe to have their homes on the banks of the lake. Ganvie is called  [...]

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The Stone Circles of Senegambia
Find the best of architectural splendour in the stone structures in Senegambia and take back with you the best of travel memories. Western Africa comes alive with these magnanimous structures and provides you with the kind of tour memory that you would cherish forever. The Stone Circles of Senegambia are a group of monoliths, which are lying to the north of the River Gambia and are around 1053 of them. There are at least 28,931 monoliths, which represent the historical past of this region. There  [...]

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All about the Timkat Festival in Africa
Timkat also known as Timgat means baptism. This is the way Ethiopia celebrates Epiphany. Usually celebrated on January 19 or 20 on a leap year this is revered as the 10th day of Terr. Timket is in celebration of baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan. The festival is very well known for the reenacting of baptism in a ritualistic manner. This is very similar to all the reenactments that are shown by the Christian pilgrims. A model of the ark of the Convent is wrapped and taken out in procession on  [...]

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